This past May 2020 would have been Step’N’Out’s 15th Anniversary Spring Show. As we are all saddened of the way our season and performances have been put in jeopardy due to CoVid 19, we are devastated that we, Step’N’Out, have not been able to honor our Senior Class as we traditionally do during our Spring Show.  Although this has been so hard for so many of us, the senior class has not been able to bring closure to what so many of us took for granted as we passed through our teen years and onto the beginning of our adult life. This saddens us greatly.

   Our Seniors Emily Doyle, Emma McLaughlin and Nahjeera Miller not only have all been amazing student instructors, dancers, and friends they have been outstanding role models to all of our younger dancers as well. They have carried on the strong tradition of leadership that we have been blessed with from our student instructors throughout the years.       

   As we try to navigate through this we hope that in September, as they head off to college, they will all take with them the love and family traditions that they have experienced here at Step’N’Out. We will be following their activities be it sports, dance, theater, or whatever new avenues they travel while in their college years.

   We will truly miss them and we hope that the next phase of their lives will bring them the love and success that they deserve. 

                                      ALL OUR LOVE ~ STEP’N’OUT

Emily, Nahjeera, Emma

Nahjeera Miller

Emily Doyle

Emma McAughlin

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